Indiana won me over rapidly over a year ago with her dark, seductive electropop songs, and with every release, she’s only impressed and lured me more. Now, the UK based artist follows up her last tune, Hearts On Fire, with perhaps her best track yet (it premiered on I-D earlier this week). If not the best, Shadow Flash is, at the very least, her most emotional and beautiful. Her Ellie Goulding evoking, raspy vocals are particularly tender and captivating on the sensational new song, channeling such poignant fragility and vulnerability. The dark production is punctuated by some intriguing samples and horns, weaving a wonderfully devastating and haunting atmosphere. Indiana’s debut album No Romeo will be out on October 13, and I’m ever the more excited about it with the knowledge that this stunning tune will be on the release. Here’s to hoping I get to hear this song live later this year, or early next year. I’ll wait. I have a feeling it’ll be worth the wait.

Generationals’ latest is a colorful, whimsical indie pop tune named Black Lemon, and it’s the perfect languid summer treat to sway to as the last weeks of summer fade away. The warm tune is drenched with an abundance of sunshine and hazy bliss. Black Lemon will be on the New Orleans duo’s new album Alix, out September 16 on Polyvinyl.

It’s been awhile, too long, since I’ve featured some Bay Area local talent. San Francisco garage trio Rich Girls gives me an opportunity to do just that today with their lo-fi, dreamy, surfy indie rock music. New single Worse, which has a new music video to accompany it, comes off reminiscent of Best Coasts’ early, nostalgia heavy tunes, blended with some seductive, spunky Karen O and some sassy Metro. For another terrific, infectious rocker, stream Sink Like Stones below, too. Rich Girls will release new EP, Fiver, on Breakup Records in October.

There’s no soundcloud stream yet for singer songwriter Jenn Ghetto’s new tune Brunch under her moniker S, so let’s listen to previously released track Vampires, above, first, then segue into a YouTube stream of Brunch below. The Arizona native displays an endearing earnestness on the sentimental, angsty indie rock tunes, which will be on S’ album Cool Choices, out September 23 on Hardly Art Records. Cool Choices is produced, engineered, and recorded by Chris Walla (FORMERLY of Death Cab For Cutie after the surprise announcement earlier this week). His influence is apparent on these tracks.

OFFICIAL VID: The War On Drugs - Under Pressure

Philadelphia indie rockers The War On Drugs released one of this year’s best and most critically acclaimed albums, Lost In The Dream, overflowing with plenty of Americana and shoegaze splendor. Under The Pressure is probably my second favorite song off the release, with Red Eyes my absolute favorite. The quartet released a video for the hazy, washed out song today. Since we’re here, let’s listen to the brilliant Red Eyes again, too, because it’s still one of this year’s best.

Washington, D.C. synthpop act Young Summer is on a roll lately, giving us dreamy gem after gem. Her debut album Siren drops August 26 on Ready Set Records, and she’s given us another treat off of it, Classless Kids. This one has a some very Lana Del Rey like sultry, cinematic moodiness. Revisit the brighter Blood Love below.

Who doesn’t love 2Pac’s Changes? I mean, seriously, who doesn’t love it? I haven’t listened to it in ages, but Changes suddenly appeared out of nowhere again, when NYC/Jersey producer Gazzo offered up this updated remix version. It’s a fresh take that I couldn’t help bouncing around to in my chair everytime I listened to it today.The remix blends funky brass, future house, and progressive house, resulting in a highly energetic and epic track.

Okay, kids, I have a couple harder chunes for you before I sign out, and what’s a day without some filthy trap? Out of NYC comes a duo named Gentlemen Thieves (is that an oxymoron? or is this like… a Robin Hood type of deal?). The merry bandits sure know how to drop some trap bombs. RGB is their latest 808 treat, and the dynamic track blends all sorts of electronic genres together in one big massive tune, reminding me at times of a plethora of other producers, including Cashmere Cat, Wave Racer, Flume, HudMo, and so many more. For some more Gentlemen Thieves, check out the chiming Juice below, an even more Luncice, RL Grime, or HudMo flavored filthy banger. 

Sweet! Palm Beach producer Thero is back with his summer vibes on a new remix, and this time, he’s selected Brooklyn trio Wet’s Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl for his new tune. I happen to love Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl very much, so I’m very elated with his decision. The original is already such a sugary, doleful, romantic treat, but now we get this more relaxed and bright version infused with plenty of always welcome horns. Thero’s 22nd birthday is coming up on Friday, and he wanted to put out a track to celebrate. Well, happy birthday, Thero, and thanks for giving US a birthday present!

I have a couple more atmospheric treats for you before I close it out with the bangers, starting with this shimmering work of beautiful, lustful art named Skin, by mysterious new Australian producer Scholar. Australian, who would have thought? I hope you detect the sarcasm in that statement. In anycase, Scholar is yet another producer from Down Under to keep a watchful eye on. The brilliant Skin with its smooth, luscious texture really seems to evoke the sensuality of bare skin with this slick tune.

Umm, hi! Yes, it’s another Lana Del Rey remix! And again, it’s of Ultraviolence, but stick with me on this, and you’ll find yourself in a state of heavenly bliss, trust me. Hotel Garuda, an alternate name for Manila Killa, offers up a very Thomas Jack like remix of Ultraviolence with bits and pieces of The Magician and other house/nu-disco talents thrown in. The remix shines with plenty of tropical house vibe, but it also carries some vivacious piano progressions and stabs. It’s a happier, more content Lana Del Rey, instead of the mournful, melancholic Lana Del Rey, and I don’t mind that at all.

Do you remember the irresistible melodious Let Me Love You, by Mario? Check out this new cover and updated version of that hit song, produced by talented Future Classic signed Australian act Thrupence, who I featured recently with much glee. The cover is performed by WAFIA, a soulful newcomer, also out of Australia. Let Me Love You is a superb and mellow future electronic revisit of a song we all enjoyed back in the day.