No amount of fervent babbling and praising can ever be adequate at describing how incredibly talented French turntablists C2C are. They just gave us their mind blowing remix of Disclosure’s When A Fire Starts To Burn, and here they are again with this remix of Stevie Wonder classic Superstition. What CAN’T they create genius French electro house remixes out of? The only thing even cooler than listening to one of their masterpieces, is seeing them do it live. It’s jaw dropping.

New York producer Bobby Green keeps the uptempo, thrilling tunes rolling with this irresistible remix of London songstress Tiger La’s catchy Now You Know. It’s a bright, vivacious house take that takes me back to the electronic scene over a decade ago, but infused with some of that refreshing tropical flavor du jour. The track officially drops August 5 on Attack Records.

Revving up the tempo and venturing into deep house territory with this infectious new dance track from UK duo Just Kiddin. Thinking About It a splendorous jam and their first off new label Eton Messy Records. It’s a must for your summer dance playlist. You still have plenty of time to dance away to it in August, don’t worry. Thinking About It is available right now, on Beatport.

Manchester production act Club Clique is the only act out there to have remixed Bombay Bicycle Club’s Come To, and they’re quite proud of the fact, since they’re big fans. They are rightfully so. The official remix of the tune, off BBC’s brilliant album So Long, See You Tomorrow, is an utterly entrancing, pulsing, yet restrained dance floor take, flavored with some delectable disco and tons of uplifting warmth. I suggest you follow it up with Club Clique’s nu-disco take on Lana Del Rey’s Gods And Monsters, below.

Red hot Norwegian producer Kygo has remixed The Weeknd’s Often, to stellar results, giving it a hefty infusion of his signature melodic and chill house sound. It’s blissfully intoxicating, as all of Kygo’s tracks tend to be. Kygo is going on tour again this fall. Hey, all you Bay Area folks… I just saw earlier today that he’ll be playing in San Francisco on October 9, at Mezzanine! 

I know there’s been an endless supply of Stay With Me remixes lately. New York producer Ari Leff, aka Epique, decided to break the trend and turned his attention to remixing sugary sweet Sam Smith ballad Lay Me Down, instead. Sam’s silken, soulful vocals still take center stage, but the tweaked production gives the song a slicker love trap feel, with a downtempo future vibe.

I seem to be on a sweet UK producer roll with these last few features. We now turn to Bearcubs, who just hypnotized last week with his new original Let Go. Now, he’s remixed Sinead Harnett’s Snakehips featuring single No Other Way (joining a growing list of many other producers who have been remixing the track). Bearcubs’ organic rendition is full of dazzling luminosity and sparkling twinkles. It’s a delicate, beautiful work of art. Revisit syrupy, haunting Let Go, below.

Quieting things down with this resplendent, blissful new treat, Miss You, from young, talented UK producer Mura Masa. The super laid back, dreamy song is perfect for some late night listening, evoking the relaxed charm of a warm beach at night. There’s some underlying wistfulness and melancholy in the song, which will be on a compilation album named Summer In Jakarta, out in about a week. 

British producer YOGI turns in this massive, energetic remix of Schoolboy Q’s Hell Of A Night. The original was off the rapper’s album OxyMoron. As for YOGI, he just released his debut EP, Burial, on Skrillex label OWSLA a few weeks ago. Here, he demonstrates his sped up, chopping trap skills, creating an extra filthy specimen out of Hell Of A Night that’s thoroughly dope. A must listen banger off YOGI’s Burial is the Pusha T featuring title track. Tacking it on below.

That super enigmatic, uber unique UK producer SOPHIE, who gave us BIPP and ELLE last year, has suddenly resurfaced again with a new mind bender of a frenetic experimental electronic track. Take a deep breath, and get ready to launch into the vibrant colors and bubbly playfulness of Lemonade. It’s like happy hardcore meets video game music meets hyper trap meets kawaii J-pop meets rainbows and unicorns and carbonated sodas and…..  aw, hell… JUST LISTEN TO IT.

Paris still my utmost favorite song off Boston synthrockers Magic Man’s recent debut album Before The Waves. Now, the catchy anthem gets a glistening, intoxicating remix update by another act I’ve gushed about endlessly on IHM for the past couple years, New York dark electropop duo MS MR! Unsurprisingly, the new version takes on a more ominous tone, compared to the carefree vibe of the original. 

I honestly couldn’t remember if I’ve featured London five piece Duologue on IHM before. Upon some digging, I realized why. It’s been over two years since I last mentioned them on here, back in the baby days of the blog. It’s with absolute pleasure that I bring them back on here, with Drag & Drop, a hypnotizing, complex, and absolutely captivating new single that will be on their sophomore album Never Get Lost, out September 9 on Wild Game Records. The ghostly tune makes use of such intricate, mesmerizing electronic elements, evoking a sound similar to certain Radiohead songs. It’s a magnificent, powerful track that places them front and center for me, again.